X-mount Class Iii 8 In. Drop Hitch Draw Bar, 5000 Lb. Capacity

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towsmart x-mount class iii 8 in. drop hitch draw bar, 5000 lb. capacity - Description

The Class III X-Mount Trailer Hitch Ball Mount is a receiver hitch accessory consisting of a trailer ball platform and shank. The unique, patented X-Mount shank design allows less surface contact and channels away moisture to minimize rust build-up and seizing within the aperture of the receiver hitch. The ball mount also features a lockrail system that functions as a built-in wrench. It allows you to torque the hitch ball with a single wrench by preventing hitch ball rotation during installation or removal from the ball mount. The X-Mount ball mount can be used in either the drop or rise position for towing applications depending on your requirement. Class III mounts are great for towing things like campers, boats, and trailers carrying ATVs and motorcycles. While these are common uses for this class, it is important that you know the total weight of the trailer and its contents, and that you do not exceed the recommended maximum towing capacity determined by your vehicle manufacturer.