Pressure Cooker Vent Pipe

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presto pressure cooker vent pipe - Description

For Presto pressure cookers or canners. Pressure regulator fits on the vent pipe and allows excess pressure to be released. Fits Model No. 703, 733, B301A, B301B, B302A, 704, A401, A403A, A403AD, A403AT, A414A, A409, A410A, A411A, A412A, A415A, A413A, A416A, B401A, B401B, B403A, KE02A, PB01A, KE02AT, EPB05A, PB07A, SC-35, S60, 01/PCA4, 01/PCC4, 01/PCC4A, 01/PCD4, 01/PCC4D, 01/PCC4H, 01/PCD4H, 01/PCE4, 01/PCE4A, 01/PCE4H, 02/PCA4, 02/PCA4H, A601, 706, A603A, A617, A603AD, A614A, A603AT, A608, A618, A607, A621A, A609A, A610A, A620A, A611A, A619, A612, A615, A622, A613, A616, A623, B601A, B602A, B604A, B605A, KE03A, PB02A, PB09A, KE03AT, PB06A, PB10A, PB08A, PB11A, S-66, 01/PCA6, 01/PCC6, 01/PCC6A, 01/PCC6AD, 01/PCC6D, 01/PCC6H, 01/PCC6HD, 01/PCE6, 01/PCE6A, 01/PCE6H, 02/PCA6, 02/PCA6H, 02/PCE6H, 7B-CA16, 21B-CA21, 01/CA16H-CA16H, 01/CA21H-CA21H, 01/CAA12H, and 01/CAA20H.