Maestro White 900 Sq. Ft. Coverage 180 Deg. Detection 3-way Occupancy Sensor Switch

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lutron maestro white 900 sq. ft. coverage 180 deg. detection 3-way occupancy sensor switch - Description

Occupancy sensor switch ideal to turn the lights or fan on and off for you. It is a simple, easy, and low cost way to save energy and add automation to your home. Automatically turns lights and fans on when you enter the room, and then turn off automatically after you leave. This sensor features XCT Sensing Technology which detects minor motion, such as typing at a desk or reading, ensuring sensor does not turn off inadvertently. Equipped with ambient light detection, you can customize your sensor to detect daylight so lights do not turn on with enough natural light in your room. Keeping the sleek design of the Maestro family, Lutron sensors will match the decor of any room in your home. Install a sensor in your bedroom so lights are not left on mistakenly, or in the bathroom for your exhaust fan. This Maestro Sensor work with any bulb type, including CFLs and LEDs, or fans up to 3 amps. This switch can also be easily programmed to function as a vacancy (manual-on) sensor.