Wet Patch 10.1 Oz. Extreme Roofing Cement & Patching Sealant

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henry wet patch 10.1 oz. extreme roofing cement & patching sealant - Description

Elastomastic Roof Patch is a premium, rubberized, SEBS (styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene) modified asphaltic sealing compound with excellent adhesion. It is suitable for flashings and a wide variety of waterproofing uses, especially at moving joints where its flexibility and elasticity make it superior to standard plastic cements. Glossy black, easy spreading, and nonsagging, it may be applied from 1/4" thick to a feather edge. Effective in wet or dry weather. Sealant for fasteners and panels on metal roofing, pitch pan sealant, and built-up roof assemblies. Seals joints of metal edging gutters, coping caps, and air conditioning ducts. Seals edge flashing at walls, curbs, and roof projections. Seals laps and flashings on SBS (styrene-butylene-styrene) modified bitumen roofing materials. Repairs splits, breaks, and holes in conventional roofing and flashings. Seals pipes and projections through below-grade dampproofing membranes. Color: Black. Manufactured to meet the requirements of ASTM-D-4586 type I.