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6.5 Oz Liquid Rubbing Compound

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nu finish 6.5 oz liquid rubbing compound - Description

Nu Finish Scratch Doctor Car Scratch Remover is an ideal addition to your collection of car care products. Not only is Scratch Doctor great for removing surface scratches, paint scrapes, scuffs, haze and swirl marks, but it's also an effective bug and grime remover. This car scratch repair product is formulated for use on vehicles, fiberglass boats, motorcycles, airplanes and chrome household appliances. For optimal car scratch removal, start with a clean surface, then apply a small amount of Scratch Doctor auto scratch remover to the affected area. Let the area dry to a haze, then wipe off with a soft cloth. Easy to use and guaranteed, Scratch Doctor has been proven by independent laboratory tests to remove surface scratches better than any other scratch remover on the market.