Bondson 40 Lb. Gray Ready-to-use Vinyl Concrete Patch

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damtite bondson 40 lb. gray ready-to-use vinyl concrete patch - Description

BondsOn is a high strength multi-purpose self-bonding cement repair material for thin section repair and resurface, from 1/2 In. to feather-edge, on concrete, stucco, and masonry. 1-part, acrylic-modified, cement-base to patch and resurface concrete. Used to repair chipped, cracked or spalled concrete, to build up broken step corners or to resurface floor and walls, driveways, and walks. Also used to set tile, flagstone, and slate. Provides a high strength finish which is significantly stronger than a regular cement mix. Just add water. Since BondsOn includes a vinyl resin, no liquid bonding agents or additives are needed.