Bare Ground

1 Gal. Liquid Ice Melt

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bare ground 1 gal. liquid ice melt - Description

Eco-friendly, clean, clear, odorless ice melt that is biodegradable, non-hazardous, and non-staining. 70% less corrosive than rock salt. Ideal for use by snow removal professionals because it is safe on all surfaces and is the fastest acting ice melt product available. More cost effective than granular products. Eliminates the need for salting. Features a unique 10 to 14 day anti-bonding residual reactivation effect. No spring cleanup as with sand, no harmful runoff as with salt. Safe for delicate trees and shrubs, the runoff is a fertilizer. Safe for roofs and eaves, breaks up ice dams quickly and easily. Easy to apply with any home sprayer. Solution migrates and flows when wet for full coverage of pavement. 1 gallon provides ground coverage equal to 50 pounds of salt or pellets.